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Making new ideas into reality.
Providing customers with exceptional experiences.
These are the goals TORIDOLL aspires to achieve.

"Finding New Value. Simply For Your Pleasure."
We are excited to announce our updated corporate philosophy with the new addition of "Finding New Value_" in 2019, showing our commitment to deliver new value to our customers by tuning in to their undiscovered needs.

We believe that customer satisfaction comes from a wholesome food experience that engages the five senses, such as the authentic smell of ingredients, the heat of the kitchen, and the sensation of having food cooked right in front of your eyes. To offer this experience to our customers, we are fixated on "Finding New Value.", and are committed to creating exceptional experiences of food.

So far we have developed new businesses, actively branched out overseas, and have carried out M&As for new business opportunities. Continuing this trajectory, we are pulling out all the stops to reach 6,000 stores worldwide with 500 billion yen in sales. As the expansion of business simultaneously means a wider range of economic impact and local community interaction, expectations and demands from stakeholders grow. Our ESG initiatives exist to respond to these expectations and give back to the communities we operate in by proactively taking part in the resolution of issues in each area. We do this not out of obligation, but from the firm belief that improvements in our communities will come around as a positive factor for TORIDOLL. Understanding the importance of "co-existence" and creating "win-win relationships", we commit to actively taking part in achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in the mid-long term. Following the concept of GPEC, through business growth and job creation (GROW), as well as delivering exceptional experiences of food (PLEASE) throughout the world, we invigorate communities such as through employing the elderly(EMPOWER), and take initiative in CO2 emission reductions and environmental management to sustain the Earth to our next generation (CONSERVE).

Takaya Awata
President & CEO
Toridoll Holdings Corporation

DFF Inc., CSR Promotion Department / TORIDOLL Holdings Corporation, Corporate Planning Office / TORIDOLL Holdings Corporation, Product Strategy Department / TORIDOLL Holdings Corporation, Quality Assurance Department / TORIDOLL Holdings Corporation, Human Resources Department / TORIDOLL Holdings Corporation, Merchandising Department / TORIDOLL Holdings Corporation
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Making new ideas into reality. Providing customers with exceptional ex...